Group Life Coaching

    A Collective Experience For Taking On Challenges,
Sharpening Life Skills, And Better Self Care.

A Rich And Diverse Environment

Our life coaching groups are characterized by a high level of interaction, energy and honesty as well as a safe place to experiment with stretching outside of your comfort/familiarity zone. Group is a working laboratory where newly learned skills can be put to the test with other group participants. Group members learn how to pose questions to each other, that focus on effective actions to move forward. This collective coaching process provides momentum to each group member, so that they are able to achieve more than they would on their own. Rather than conducting groups with a single theme and narrow scope (such as bereavement, surviving divorce, business issues, etc.) our groups tackle a wide range of complex issues. We find that this approach makes group a richer and deeper experience for everyone. Group members from all walks of life collaborate and learn to balance their respective life challenges with improved self care. Please use this special email address for more information on our Group Life Coaching Services.

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Our Group Life Coaching Is A Good Match For You, If:

  • You Desire To Increase Your Self Care And Live A More Purposeful And Balanced Life.
  • You Are Inspired And Energized By The Power That Is Generated By A Collective Group Experience.
  • You Are Not Afraid To Experiment With New Concepts And Different Ways Of Doing Things In Your Everyday Life.
  • You Are Ready And Willing To Modify Your Self-Concept And Any Taught Childhood Beliefs, Which May Be Self-Defeating.
  • You Are Motivated To Explore, Design, Set Goals, And Grow, By Putting Your Plans Into Action.
  • You Accept And Respect Differences And Similarities Between Yourself And Others Without Judgement.
  • You Have The Ability To Be Candid And Are Open To Persuasion From Other Group Members' Perspectives And Observations Of You.
  • You Are Committed To Your Personal Development And Are Willing To Stretch Outside Of Your Comfort/Familiarity Zone To Move Forward.
  • You Are Not Afraid To Be An Active Participant In Group Settings.
  • You Are Willing To Take Personal Accountability For Sharpening Your Life Skills.
  • You Are Able To Prioritize Three Group Sessions Per Month Into Your Schedule.

If you meet the criteria above, call 781-246-3388 or use this special email address to set up a free and confidential interview. Take the first step toward moving forward and increasing your self care.

Group Structure

Primer Group - The Primer Group is a hybrid class/workshop environment, which imparts valuable life skill concepts to participants, resulting in a deep and dynamic group experience. Six group sessions are spread over two months (one week of the month off). Participants learn concepts that they can begin to apply to their daily lives. The life coach models how to interact with other group members to help each member identify goals, brainstorm and take action steps to move forward. As group members learn how to coach each other, they also develop a "portable coach", to stretch themselves in everyday life.

Advanced Group - For those who wish to continue group work, we offer ongoing groups made up of clients who have completed the Primer Group. This is a workshop environment where participants bring in and work on their own issues each week, using the format learned from the Primer Group. Six session terms are available for renewal if a group member decides to continue.

Meet With Us To Learn More About Our Life Coaching Groups.

We can show you how our life coaching groups can specifically benefit your unique life circumstances and if you are a good match. Call 781-246-3388 or use this special email address to set up a free and confidential interview. See how North Suburban Life Coaching can provide you with personalized and professional assistance, to improve your life.

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North Suburban Life Coaching offers face-to-face Personal , Group , Relationship , Leadership & Business Coaching to the communities north of Boston including (but not limited to): Andover 01810 , Bedford 01730 , Boxford 01921 , Burlington 01803 , Carlisle 01741 , Danvers 01923 , Lexington 02420 , Lynnfield 01940 , Melrose 02176 , Middleton 01949 , North Reading 01864 , North Andover 01845 ,Peabody 01960 , Reading 01867 , Saugus 01906 , Tewksbury 01876 , Topsfield 01983 , Wakefield 01880 , Winchester 01890 , and Woburn 01801 Massachusetts.

For your convenience, we also offer telephone coaching services from anywhere in the world. Whether you are in your work environment , at home , or travelling , our coaches offer you the opportunity to relax and focus in the environment of your choice.

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